We tarde in all continents and for most of the countries. Call us with confidence.

We are a commision oriented commercial location and provision service agency. We have experts in our team with combined hundreds of years experience in trading, locating, buying and selling comercial and industrial products across the globe and locally in the United States.

Here is a snapshot of our servcies:

Locating trading vessels and seagoing boats

Providing and locating old vessels for demolition and steel recovery purposes

Locating and providing hard to find commercial commodities and products

Locating and providing (contracts) for commercial and continuous provision of commodities and marketable productsLocating and providing vessel cargo, and loads for all size shipping to anywhere in the worldLocating and provision of consumer goods for importers and exporters and large retailers.

And a host of related services for all and any of the products and services not listed above

highest levels of customer satisfaction with the excellence of customer service

Commodity Borkerage

We trade and locate all types of agriculture products for our international partners.

Seagoing Trade

We can locate and arrange bulk carrying capacity freight for your cargo needs. 

Plant and Machinery

When needing latest technology to import, large size plants, we are the company to trust.

Fast and Accurate Service

We trade in allcontinents and most of the countries. Inquire with confidence.

We opened our doors in 2005 and have since grown from a small firm to a large sized firm. We have traded and provided services to hundreds of customers since.

what we do

Enjoy the best design and function combined together

When you are looking for building your dreams into reality.  and need products and materials not available locally, this is where we come in. We will locate, negotiate, and contract as well as provide secure and safe shipping to your location with the lowest price and highest of the quality. We have done it for hundreds. We assure you the speedy and afforable service with lowest prices guaranteed.

what we offer

A few things we’re great at

We are great at providing support, advice and locators service. We specialize in hard to find items. We have partners across all continents for fast and accurate service.

Training Included

Drinking Water Plants and complete turn key operations with training package is available.

Special and Custom Designs

When it comes to taste and special needs. We have manufacturers in contact. We can, design, produce and deliver your special products to you in no time.

Afforable and Lowest Prices

We will shop around in the market of your special needs so you get the highest quality with lowest prices. We guarantee unbeatable prices.

The secret of success

It has been learnt that companies working with trusted partners earn highest repute, stability, and become sucessful in their operations and market success. We at MegalodonUSA has a motto to work with your team with the highest of the ethical and business standards of honesty and integrity. Our partnership and long-term relations are here just by connecting.

The secret of success

We at the MegalodonUSA operate with highest of the global and local service standards. Whatever you are looking for, chances are we have it in our stock or with one of our global partner firms. We promise unparralled service with price and quality guarranted. Trade with confidence and peace of mind. 

Our work


Check out our products and services pages and see it for yourself. We offer a large selection of products and services with highets and unmatched great service quality.

Elevators and Esculators

We can provide latest technology for your projects.

Always Open

We have satelite office open in South Asia to serve our global clients 24 hours a day. While we are offline in USA, our partners in South Asia are working for you.

Fastest Service

Turn around time in our philosophy is now. We will expedite your orders and ship them yesterday, if that is what it takes.

Our awesome clients

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Not with the MegalodonUSA business partnership. They will make sure that clients get the best deal. I am happy to do business with the MegalodonUSA brokerage.

Susan W Glibe

Alfa Globe Products

I have had many instances to work with the MegalodonUSA Team. They are courteous and highly skilled professionals. They provided services beyond the ordinary. I have chosen them as my preffered trade partners. I always buy from them.

Tse Shing Pann

Shin Tze Traders

My comany needed special order products for a large but very impatient client. We were turned away by many companies and then we found MegalodonUSA Grup. We were not only delivered products within the time frame but the prices were the unbelievably lowest. Thanks MegalodonUSA team.

Michelle Grams

UK Worldwide Traders

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Our Team

Here are few of our star team members, ready to answer your questions and serve your needs to the highest of the satisfaction.

Adam Daniel

Customer Service Manager

Large Plants and Machinery Specialist

Syed Nadeem Bukhari

Director International Sales

Global Contracts and product finalization process Partner

Dr Mohammad Qasim

Director Locating Services

Answering your inquiries in a fast and prompt manner. My return time is within 24 hours guaranteed.

Sana Marharfi

Freight Forwarding Specialist

Fast and prmot service after it has been scheduled. I make sure that packaging and logistics are managed properly whether local or gloab.

WE love our customers

Our Unconditional Guarantee

There is no better time contacing us than now. We assure you that we will exceed your expectations in customer service, product research, location, terms and conditions, price, logistics and most of all prices. We guarantee our work with 100% satisfaction.

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  • +1-713-319-8175
  • Inquiry@megalodonusa.com
  • 29 South Main Street, Spring Valley, New York 10977, USA

We are reachable by all channels. Contact us with your preffered manner and we will get to work as we recieve inquiry from your side.