Megalodon USA Group opened its doors in March 2003 at Houston, Texas headquarters. Later, it moved its offices to the East Coast at New York area. Located in a stone throw distance from the Manhattan, Spring Valley is the home of Megalodon USA Group since August 2007. We have over twenty years’ experience in providing businesses WorldClass locating, inspections, negotiating, contracting, shipping and delivering all industrial equipment, ships (seagoing and scrap), and commodities where needed products and equipment was a task impossible and out of the control of internal staff. We specialize in hard to find and specialty products with all sizes of industrial, and commercial products. 

We aim to become your specialized service partner in disregard to your location and hours of business. We are open always because our IT department is busy in scheduling and miniating business deals while assisting our internal team of expert locators, quality control inspection teams, pricing and cross check verifications in pricing and matching quality and securing necessary legal documentation whether licensing or the shipping documentation. We would say that once your business uses our services, you will be a partner for life with our award-winning teams for continuing your quality and services to your customers and partners.    

We ought to rise and shine at highest altitudes, therefore, our customer and business services are constantly growing and attracting best services and products for our partner firms. Having Megalodon as a business partner means your teams can rely upon our finds and do not have to do hassle of extraordinary verifications since it is our duty to produce the reliability, and authenticity in business relation transforming product quality and great pricing into an end product of mutual success. Our managers and service agents are connected globally to bring you state of the art products with lowest and best pricing and with reliability to match the competition with an edge of excellence. We have and always will exceed our customer’s expectations.