AMISUN is the professional authority on producing success and improving the quality of life of common people. While the world is busy in nurturing the wealth, and business success, we at the AMISUN believe in building human lives. Since there are many colleges, universities, institutions, and individual gurus offering success-oriented materials on a wide variety of topics, we will not do the same. Rather we have embarked on a special journey of an individual human being who has dreams, and a desire to succeed and has little wealth, resources, and means to move forward in life. We want to be the coaches and guides in building lives through (1) helping develop a strategy for life, (2) Enabling the individual in designing a goal-oriented lifestyle, (3) Providing assistance in short courses, workshops, seminars, and guidance towards a demanding future, (4) and delivering one-to-one special attention for a successful action plan.

These are the steps that AMISUN provides to its students, patrons, and people needing help and assistance. Unlike other big names of the yesteryears and fancy clubs of motivational hollow grand shows, we believe in teaching the individual and the seeker with facts, realtime attention, a structured curriculum, need-based and individualized success plan, and a fast-paced but still verifiable method of accomplishments. Then we want to keep the cost at the lowest possible that those who are still struggling, should not have to worry or be left out of hefty fees, and cost of getting their dream fulfilled. We however believe in quality exchange with the quality. We believe when a student pays with value then he/ she should get in return a greater value in exchange. This way, our students and knowledge seekers are always winners.

The AMISUN challenge is that our students are taught the rules of success and we are here everyday in the field to offer additional assistance where one has problems with comprehending or needs additional helping hand to learn and follow the rules of success. We believe that our personal attention and knowing our students by personal background is special because with us you are not just a number but a real individual with needs, plans, and hopes of a greater and brighter future.

Our courses and workshops are spread out into Ten areas of life. One can register for these workshops as a package with huge discounts or is free to take any course where he/she thinks additional knowledge or help is needed. We believe in honesty, transparency, dignity and humanity. We offer these course to all human beings in disregard to their social, educational, personal, physical, educaitonal and any other special status. We are an equal opportunity service provider and has belief in greatness of humanity with moral and ethical uplifting.

We are the leaders in global human uplifting and are ready to work with groups and individuals for the glory and prosperity and happiness with freedom and honor. We welcome any comments, you may have and will be delighted to answer any queries or concerns. Please visit our other pages and let us know, how in any way, we can be of any service and assistance to you, your family, the community, and humanity.


Check your Status

These are Seven area of life being crucial as they are integrated part of human life. You must possess skills to manage all areas comprehensively with equal attention and not neglecting any area because the area you ignore may cause the Loser cycle to initiate ending with having problems with all areas of life.


Do not be a loser at fifty or eternity

“Regardless of your current age, the milestone of fifty years is inevitable for everyone. Take a moment to reflect on how far you are from this landmark – it could be five, ten, or twenty years away. But remember, time waits for no one. Whether you choose to take action or remain passive, time will relentlessly march on, and sooner than you realize, you’ll be celebrating your fiftieth birthday.”

This program isn’t about false hope; it’s a practical, real-time strategy tailored to each individual’s aspirations for success, peace, and a meaningful life. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step guided training and coaching program aimed at helping you discover what you’ve been missing and providing a vision for the future. It’s about moving beyond negative thoughts and taking decisive steps towards a fulfilling life.”

I initially considered launching a workshop-style program, but I recognized that most visitors to this site are earnestly seeking positive changes in their lives. With this in mind, it seemed more effective to transform this platform into a comprehensive guidance and training hub.

As such, I’m developing a membership-based model for this site. Currently, I’m exploring the option of a premium subscription, which would include a one-time registration fee. Detailed information about the membership costs is available on our Membership page. Importantly, members can cancel their subscription at any time without incurring penalties or unfair fees. I believe in maintaining a fair and honest environment, where only those genuinely committed to their future success will find value. The knowledge and skills gained from this site are designed to be invaluable and lasting, offering a lifetime of rewards.

Many people across the globe, despite being masters in business, crafts, engineering, and various professions, still find themselves navigating a labyrinth of uncertainty. They possess expertise in their fields, akin to being the Socrates of their disciplines, yet they lack a fundamental skill: the art of dealing with people.

It’s surprising that even the most prestigious universities, after years of rigorous academic training, often fail to impart essential skills in human relations and interpersonal dealings.

What exactly do we mean by skills in human relations and dealing with people? A glance at daily news offers a glimpse into this deficiency. Whether it’s through newspapers, television news, or online portals, the stories are similar – tales of robberies, family disputes, divorces, and dissatisfied employees. These are not just random incidents but are reflective of a broader issue in society: the widespread lack of understanding and effectively managing human relationships.

Observe the scene in any public space and you’ll likely notice a common thread: faces etched with unhappiness and worry. People often seem like automatons, void of joy or satisfaction, as they rush about their day, multitasking even in their movements, like eating while briskly walking.

In these settings, it’s not uncommon to witness a general disregard for others. People may stand or sit side by side, yet they’re absorbed in their electronic devices, oblivious to those around them. This disconnect extends to interactions as well, where rudeness or indifference is prevalent, even among strangers. This phenomenon spans all ages, leaving many with expressions devoid of emotion – a reflection of the growing disconnect in our increasingly digital world.

What, in your opinion, is the root of these widespread societal issues?

You might guess it’s due to a lack of money or time, but research suggests otherwise. The true problem lies in a skill gap that is rarely addressed: the art of managing human relations. Countless individuals, seemingly ordinary in every way, have never been taught how to effectively communicate and connect with others. This oversight leads to significant consequences.

Each day, millions face job losses and personal conflicts, often stemming from poor communication or misuse of words. Surprisingly, the negative impact of improper language use – whether it’s harsh, thoughtless, or abusive – can result in greater losses in wealth, progress, and overall well-being than many other human errors combined. Despite physical proximity, many people are emotionally and psychologically distant, creating a chasm that impacts both personal and professional relationships.

Now it’s clear why I say that most people struggle to progress in life, to ascend the ladder of health, wealth, happiness, social standing, responsibility, maturity, and economic stability. Many have attempted to improve their lives in a disorganized manner, only to face repeated failures and ultimately surrender to despair. As a result, they’re merely existing rather than truly living, dragging themselves through life without the spirit or hope for a brighter future.

I trust that you haven’t lost all hope for a successful and fulfilling future. Perhaps life’s challenges haven’t left you without any hope for recovery. You might feel like you’re among those who have faltered in the past, feeling defeated and hopeless.

However, I believe you haven’t given up completely and are still in search of the path to success. If you’re aiming to unlock the secret to a harmonious, healthy, and contented life, mastering the art of human relations is key. You’re likely aspiring for health, wealth, wisdom, power, and success, along with strong social and familial connections.

True freedom isn’t just found in democratic systems or in possessing wealth. Rather, it’s about achieving financial independence that allows you to support yourself and your loved ones, while also affording you the liberty to use your time as you please. Real freedom is experienced when you’re not beholden to a boss and have the flexibility to choose how you spend each moment of your day.

Consider the story of a child who, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, simply said, ‘I want to be happy.’ This response reflects a universal desire – the pursuit of happiness and freedom for ourselves and our families.

Picture happiness as a small mountain that everyone in the world is striving to summit. However, only those who are passionate, persistent, and well-informed will reach the peak. As a coach, my role is to guide and support those determined to reach this pinnacle. I provide unique assistance, education, and training to help individuals achieve their goals and lead a harmonious life.

Here’s how the process unfolds:

The program of success has been divided into seven (7) essential parts. I call them segments of the life placement examination. These seven golden rules are:

A. Emotional Maturity

B. Time as lifetime and not the daily hour

C. Family and Social Life

D. Profession and Job

E. Money and Finance

F. Health

G. Meeting with your Creator

I’m excited to offer these transformative programs at the most affordable membership prices ever. I encourage you to explore each section to discover how these skills can shape you into the person you aspire to be shortly.

Consider this: an average undergraduate degree in the United States can cost around $200,000, not to mention four years and countless exams. Yet, many graduates are still in pursuit of success and prosperity. This fact speaks volumes about our education system. Research indicates that job-specific skills constitute only 20% of what’s needed for career success, while 80% hinges on interpersonal skills.

These seven key life areas are designed to illuminate your path to glory, happiness, and financial prosperity, all within a positive and harmonious lifestyle.

I invite you to explore and enroll in the workshop that resonates with you. I am confident that once you experience the transformation in one crucial life area, you’ll be eager to master all seven skill sets.

The benefits are immense: happiness, improved relationships, career advancement, and greater opportunities. You’ll gain insights into better health, ethical living, social and economic growth, reduced dependence on fleeting solutions, and a deeper understanding of life’s purpose.

By choosing the basic membership, you embark on a journey to master the art of living to its fullest potential. I assure you, completing these seven workshops will significantly enhance your life, offering rewards and opportunities previously out of reach. Join us, and let’s embark on this journey to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Looking forward to welcoming you as a subscribed member of our community.

Best regards,

Professor Dr. Mohammad Qasim


Mentor and Coach

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