We are a search and locate firm. we trade anything under the sun as long as it is a legal commodity and is used for general purposes of human welfare. We, however, do not pose a selection and quantity criteria upon our trade partners. We can help establish a small to large plant for water filtration, help establish a gasoline (petrol pump) station, help locate a truck or a shipload of grain, sugar, cooking oil, fruits, natural minerals, etc.

We also trade in seagoing vessels. We offer a large and selectively chosen exclusive stock of iron commodity in the form of retired and damaged vessels for recovery of metals. In terms it is known as Ship Demolition and in Asia it is called Ship Breaking Business.

If you are looking for a hard to find product or commodity, chances are we are your best partner to locate it and offer it with the lowest price possible. We have hundreds of trade partners across the globe whom we work closely with trust, and honesty. We therefore are sure that what you are looking for to keep your business operational, successful and functional, we are the company to trust and build relations with.

We look forward to serve you in the near future. Please contact us via email phone or the tex messaging. We have special office established in South Asia which mean, when we in the United States are offline, our satelite office in south Asia is open and serving our clients. It means we are open around the clock with live customer service support. You will never deal with a machine while working with us.